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After advising the best way to maximize potential value of the site, we make an agreement and get planning permission

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Greensand Ridge, previous Clarendon land transformation

Greensand Ridge

Get the best price for your land

As experienced property developers in Kent, we have the expertise and knowledge from years of building and planning homes in the local area. This means we are able to expedite the deal in the fastest and most efficient manner.

We talk to neighbours, the community at large, to the parish council (where appropriate) and local planning authorities. We will also engage with your family and other interested parties.

We will ensure you get the fairest price for your land. We understand that it could be a life-changing decision for a lot of people and we will go that extra mile to make certain that you are completely in the loop as to all developments.

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Our land transformations

We are always looking for land which may be suitable for residential development, both with and without planning permission.

Our years of experience and expertise have led to many successful land transformation projects in and around Kent. This has resulted in sites substantially increasing in value, giving land-owners net gains into the hundreds of thousands, as shown in the following case studies.

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The types of land we buy/sell

You will be surprised at the variety of existing land and buildings that have potential for an alternative use via the planning system. Below are samples of what we can help with.

Field with trees and a run down shed

Houses on large plots

Do you have a large garden with space around your property?
Most of our developments involve building several new properties next to an existing house – or replacing the old house with multiple houses.

Brownfield site example

Brownfield sites

An area of land or a building that is no longer in use. Depending on the location, we can establish it’s use and appraise its suitability for development.

Greenfield site

Greenfield sites

An area of land that is underdeveloped. It is normally outside of a built-up area and not considered for development. However, with the right approach certain pockets of land are developable dependant on location.

Snowdown working mens club before land transformation

Commercial buildings

A lot of old derelict/unused/financially unviable commercial property exists both inside and outside of residential areas. A lot of this land is ideal for development. If you have a pub, factory, warehouse, or shop etc then we may be able to help.

Institutional building

Institutional buildings

Many old churches, meeting halls, and social clubs have become unused due to fall in attendance/membership of the facilities. We have re-developed various sites including replacing existing buildings with a mixture of residential and new communal facilities to keep the membership going.

Contaminated building

Contaminated sites

Can be problematic and expensive to develop. We work with a team of professional specialists who can make remediation of this land developable.

At Clarendon Homes, we aim to simplify the planning process through our years of experience and expertise.

James Chapman, Land and Planning Manager