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Ivy Court All Sold/Reserved Off Plan!

26-03-2021 News

We are proud to announce that all of our Ivy Court properties have either been sold or reserved off plan!

Ivy Court is a collection of twelve, 3 bedroom homes situated in Tovil, Maidstone. All properties at this development sold out in record time, which we believe is truly indicative of our commitment to continually providing high quality homes.

Ivy Court Site Plan CGI

As well as this, there were external factors at play which has made recent months a fantastic time to buy new homes. The Stamp Duty holiday incentive caused a surge in sales in the housing market last summer, as prospective buyers sought to take advantage of this great opportunity. With the Stamp Duty holiday extended to the end of June, this opportunity is still available for you to make use of. People have also been looking to move out of flats into their first house, as a result of the large amount of time we have spent at home the past year, due to lockdowns. We’ve also found a lot of people relocating from bigger cities like London, now that there is not a daily commute to the office as more people work from home.

There are also several other reasons why now is a great time to buy. If you are considering purchasing a new home in Kent, contact us today!

Ivy Court White House CGI
Ivy Court CGI

We are incredibly grateful for all the interest that this popular development has generated since launch, and we look forward to providing you with more quality homes in Kent.