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New ABB Features and Aftercare Unveiled

18-12-2017 News

The new ABB-free@home software update which is launching in January 2018 has many exciting new features, for further opportunity to revolutionise the way you control your home.

Sonos – The new update enables ABB to be integrated with the Sonos wireless audio system, meaning music can be controlled via the on-wall ABB panels as well as the option to create scenarios according to the room or time of day.

Geofencing – This feature involves creating imaginary fences around the home, so that when leaving the system detects this and adjusts to the programmed settings, such as turning all lights off.

Amazon Alexa – By linking their Amazon account to their myABBLivingSpace account via the Alexa App, users can now ask their Alexa device to turn lights off and on, adjust temperatures, and open or close blinds.

For further information, read ABB’s overview article of these new features

Watch the full webinar from 13th December at the Competence Center Europe Team

Want to know more about ABB-free@home? Watch the YouTube video:

Faulkner & Sons Electrical Services Ltd. New ABB Maintenance and Support Services

Faulkner & Sons Electrical Services Ltd. have just launched a 12-month maintenance service for ABB systems, offering support and aftercare to users. This service includes:

  •  A yearly inspection of the system where a test certificate will be issued upon passing
  • Checking of the automation panels
  • Updating of firmware
  • General support should users have any questions.
  • One call out between 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday for up to an hour, with any additional time or alternative time slot available at an extra cost.

As well as this basic maintenance, Faulkner & Sons Electrical Services Ltd. are also offering a ‘Setup and Demonstration’ service to provide owners with the basics on how the system works and guidance on how to maximize the system to its full potential.

The cost for the Maintenance Service is £360 and the Setup and Demonstration service is £264. For further information or to take advantage of these services, please contact or phone 07949 925398.

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