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Our House Design Predictions for 2016

11-12-2015 News

It’s the end of 2015 already! We’ve had a think and have come up with our top predictions for trends in house design for 2016…


Warm, cosy comfortable and functional kitchens are going to become increasingly popular. We predict people will want to use their kitchens as the primary space for meals and social events, so kitchens will be designed with plenty of room and seating. Large larders will be phased out as people look to find more space to use to entertain.


Bathrooms, on the other hand, are likely to become a little more sophisticated and modern. We’ll see the rise of touchscreen controls over water temperature and power, fixtures that can control multiple water sources and more.

That’s not to say the classical look will be completely done away with. Freestanding bathtubs will remain popular, with more designs appearing and prices coming down.

Living rooms

As we’ve already mentioned, we predict that the kitchen will become ever more the social hub. For that reason, designated living rooms will become slightly less popular and will be replaced by hybrid kitchen/family rooms.

The same can be said of formal dining rooms as people look to share more meals together in the kitchen.

Easy energy efficiency

It’s becoming easier and easier to minimise your carbon footprint and house-building will reflect this. The trend towards energy efficient windows, doors and appliances will continue, and we may even see the rise of low-flow taps and other water-saving features.

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