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Top Trends Shaping The Future of House Design

19-06-2015 News

Here are the top trends we’ve noticed when it comes to house design….

Kitchen Focus

The kitchen is so much more than simply a functional space. The kitchen is a multi-purpose room, no longer just for cooking. It’s the hub of the home, for working, relaxing and entertaining. More than ever, people are splurging on beautiful kitchens with nifty gadgets and clever storage innovations. The kitchen is set to take over as the most dynamic room in the house.

Quality is key

There has been a noticeable drive for the highest specification finishes and the latest innovations in technology. High quality fixtures and fittings and integrated technology are becoming a standard requirement and are no longer part of a niche market. Only the best will suffice.

Storage solutions

We’ve all got more ‘stuff’ than we’d like to admit to having, but finally there is an answer to storing it in a neat and efficient way. Clean lines are in- clutter is out! The need for more storage has been realised by architects everywhere and finally unsightly clutter can be put away, leaving you with a calm and organised living space.

Light and airy spaces

The use of bi-fold doors and large windows have been seen to bring the outside in. The boost in natural light makes rooms feel larger and brighter and more inviting to relax in. The sense of space in your house design is maximised by connecting the inside and outside.


Rooms that can be used for multiple uses are becoming ever more desirable. Flexible spaces that can be used for anything from providing a relaxing retreat, a playroom for the children, or a home office allow for your home to grow and evolve with you and your family.

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