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3 fun decoration ideas for your home this Christmas

04-12-2020 Blog

We all know and love Christmas decorations. The tree, the bright lights outside, the wreath on the door. It is what makes Christmas… Christmas! But if you are looking for ideas to wow your family/friends, or simply want to mix up your usual decorations, read this short article to be inspired by fun ways to decorate your house for the festive season.

Family decorating a Christmas Tree

1. The Dining Area

I think we can all agree that dinner is one of the best parts of Christmas day. There are many enjoyable ways to decorate your dining table this year; napkins, place mats, a candle which melts down the days until Christmas, maybe even Christmas themed salt & pepper if you are feeling extra festive!

Another absolute necessity for the dining area are the Christmas crackers, I mean is it really Christmas if you don’t open a cracker which contains a paper hat, a tiny novelty notepad and a joke which is so awful that it’s funny?

2. Outside the House

This is the part of the house where there is a delicate balance. A balance between having a house which is really well decorated and having a house which is a bit too decorated. There is nothing wrong with going a bit over the top in the spirit of Christmas, but subtle touches are key to hitting that perfect level. These can range from LED lights at the front of the house, a themed door mat, or a holly wreath on the door.

A stylish front display of the house will not only impress people before they even step inside the house (when local restrictions allow of course!), but it will also help to build excitement for Christmas Day!

A Clarendon Homes property dressed for Christmas
A Clarendon Homes development decorated for Christmas

3. Around the House

These decorations are not room specific but should be found around the house in general. Great ways to get your house in the Christmas mood include tinsel on the banisters, LED lights around the windows, small Christmassy ornaments (e.g. a snowman, Father Christmas, a snowflake), and of course, the Christmas Tree.

I think we can agree that the Christmas Tree deserves its own special mention. Whether you are a fan of a giant 7ft tree, or a tidy smaller tree, decorating it with loved ones never gets old, and seeing presents under the tree on Christmas Day is a wonderful sight. Proudly displaying your decorated tree to family/friends when they come round (again, when restrictions allow) will act as a breath of fresh air, showing that despite the turbulent year we have all had, we can be thankful for those who have helped us get through it.

Christmas tree in modern living room

An Additional Message

Your safety is the most important thing to look after this Christmas. However you plan to enjoy the festivities, we urge you all to keep yourselves and those around you as safe as possible. Ways to help this are:

  • Buy presents online, leaving plenty of time for delivery. A study found that 72% of people plan to limit their time in crowded areas before seeing family for Christmas (Mintel, 2020). This is indicative of people lowering their risk of exposure to COVID-19 before seeing family/friends outside their immediate social bubble, so they can be less worried when mixing groups.
  • Maintain a safe social distance during Christmas. As painful as it may be to see family members but not be allowed to hug them, it is sadly a precaution which is for the greater good; to keep everyone safe.
  • Have hand sanitizers out when mixing social groups. When extended family/friends are around, ensure you have sanitation stations dotted around to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

It will be a different Christmas and New Year’s than we are all used to, but as we go into 2021, we can be optimistic that normality will resume sooner rather than later. From all of us at Clarendon Homes, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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