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Best Kent Villages to Live in

22-05-2024 Blog

Kent, the “Garden of England,” is renowned for its picturesque countryside, rich history, and proximity to London. But, finding these spots of quaint village life has been proved to be quite difficult. Here at Clarendon Homes, we took a look at some of our favourite villages to make this list. Whether you yearn for a thatched-roof cottage nestled amidst rolling hills, a vibrant community life with bustling village squares, or a peaceful retreat by the coast, Kent has a village to capture your heart.


Located in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Kent, Matfield is only 9 miles away from Royal Tunbridge Wells. Perhaps best describes as ‘quaint’, parts of the village date back to the 1700s, the village centre itself part of a conservation area. As village life in England goes, Matfield is a model location, which is why it made our list of the best villages to live in Kent. As a previous winner of the ‘Kent’s best villages’ award in 2010, Matfield is recognised as an ideal location.

Kent Countryside


Aylesford has a history tracing back to the Bronze Age; more than one archaeological objects found there have made it to the British museum. The village is also home to a priory that dates back to 1240. The village has its own train station and football club, even holding the title for having Britain’s first sauna. Believed to be the location of one of the first bridges over the Medway, Aylesford is on nearly everyone’s list for best village to live in in Kent, including ours.

The River Medway

Bearsted & Thurnham

Both villages are in close proximity to Maidstone, sitting at the foot of the North Downs. Bearsted itself has no less than twenty listed buildings, including the Holy Cross Church whose construction started in the 13th century.  Like Bearsted, Thurnham has a bounty of historical intrigue, including Thurnham Castle, an Anglo-Saxon burial ground, a 7th century gold cross, and a Roman house. Bearsted has a train station with direct links to London and Ashford International, as well having a road directly connecting to the M20, making it well connected and well populated. But the history remains, and the villages keep a certain charm. Our Forge Mews development can attest to this.

Aerial shot of Bearsted


Our most picturesque of the contenders for best village, Ightham is four miles east of Sevenoaks and six miles north of Tonbridge. The village is perhaps most famous for the medieval manor Ightham Moat. History at Ightham has been found dated back to the old stone age in this pretty village, with evidence of people from the iron age and even a suspected Roman villa. Close to the Borough Green and Wrotham train station, as well as Sevenoaks, the village is tucked away but well connected.

Scotney Castle


A village build up around a medieval Manor, Penshurst is very Tudor in appearance. The parish falls within the High Weald area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which is already an extra 10 points on the best village to live in scale. Penshurst Place is a 14th century manor house that once belonged to King Henry VIII. The manor has been used for films like The Other Boleyn Girl and TV shows like Wolf Hall in the past. In the Sevenoaks district of Kent, Penshurst has its own train station and airfield.

Countryside view from a property at our Gables park development.
Kent Countryside


Maybe we’re biased, but Harrietsham had to make it into this list of best villages to live in in Kent. In the north downs, sitting 7 miles away from Maidstone, Harrietsham has several listed buildings. In 2012 the Olympic torch even travelled through the village. We have a train station and steady connections to the M20, as well as being along the A20. Harrietsham is noted in William the Conquerors Domesday Book, its history dating back beyond medieval times. Our upcoming Brenchley Fields development is tucked away on an old farm on the outskirts of this beautiful village.

Blue lake with ducks and a house in Harrietsham
Harrietsham Lake

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