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Spruce Up Your Space: Spring Cleaning Hacks

15-04-2024 Blog

It is the perfect time to begin Spring cleaning your home. The changing season often sparks inspiration for refreshing your space with new trends and ideas, like a vibrant paint colour, captivating artwork, or a trendy outdoor patio set. However, let’s face it, the thought of tackling a ‘big, annual Spring Clean’ can be overwhelming. Visions of cluttered rooms and overflowing boxes might come to mind. However, we’ve researched effective decluttering methods to help you get a head start in transforming your home this spring to help get that show home sparkle.

A young woman with curly hair is dusting a tin 'garage' sign that's been resting on a top shelf

Plan and Prioritize

First start small and move upwards; whether you give a month to clear out your living room, or a week to tidy the bathroom cabinet, every little counts. Dividing rooms into smaller tasks gives you the chance to organise your time. Ask yourself: when was the last time you used that rowing machine? If the answer is over 6 months ago, I think it might be time to sell it.

A mother and child are cleaning up pastel coloured blocks into a soft basket


Yes/ No/ Review in 3 months.

The most common sorting system on this list is the ‘three pile method’ where you have a keep pile, a throw-away pile, and a review in three months pile. Perhaps best for the non-urgent de-clutterer, the method is more long term. By adding a third pile it takes the pressure off the in the moment decision that can often hinder your progress. Not sure if you want to keep that cushion? Put it aside for 3 months and if you don’t use it- it can go.

80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule works off the stat that 80% of the time we only wear 20% of our wardrobe. A good way to test this theory is to split your wardrobe over a few months, moving every item you wear over to one side and seeing what gets left on the ‘unworn’ side. This could help you visually separate what you wear more often than you don’t, and help kickstart the process of your spring clean.


If you want a harsher way of sorting through your clutter, you can always try the 12/12/12 method. This technique argues that for every 12 things you keep, you donate 12 and throw away another 12. This could be great for those who want a quick, brutal, clear out, but is also a very difficult rule to follow for an average spring clean.

A unit with folded towels and basket storage is very tidy

Utilise Storage Solutions

Maybe your house isn’t as cluttered as you think, and you main issue is storage. Smart storage is becoming more popular in homes, with IKEA leading the way with fun, creative, storage solutions. Whether you invest in an Ottoman bed or get some wall mounted cubes for your trinkets, spring cleaning doesn’t need to mean you get a skip out the front of the house.

With these tips and a little effort, you can transform your home into a vibrant and organized space that reflects the fresh energy of spring.

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