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Alzheimer’s Research UK Fundraising 2022

21-12-2022 News, The Team

After a very successful year of fundraising for Alzheimer’s Research UK in 2021, Clarendon Homes have had another great year of fun-filled fundraising in 2022. We are incredibly happy to announce that we have raised a grand total of £2261.50 across 2022!

Read on to see how we raised this money throughout the year. Details of how you can make your own donations can be found at the bottom of the article. Read about our 2023 fundraising for more up to date information on our contributions to Alzheimer’s Research UK.


Clarendon Tuck Shop for Alzheimer's Research UK

In February we held a wear pink or red day for Valentine’s Day in the office (oo la la!), alongside a tuck shop which all office members contributed to (and helped eat!).


For March we ran a month long event. After eating lots of cake and junk food the previous month, we had a much-needed month of health and wellbeing. Staff were asked to pick three health and wellbeing tasks from a list of over 50 choices, to complete through the month. All participants are racking up the sponsors and the individual who raises the most will win a little prize!

Our placement student Courtney ran a mile everyday of March to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. He raised an incredible £185 – well done Courtney!

Courtney fundraising running total


In April we decided to incorporate some Easter festivities into our fundraising, with an Easter egg hunt and Easter bakes for sale – with all proceeds going to charity. Our office is getting better at baking that’s for sure!


We organised a fun General Knowledge quiz in May which involved everyone in the office donating money to enter. We wouldn’t dare post the results though, some people wouldn’t be happy!


In June we celebrated the Queen’s platinum jubilee with a mini-party filled with decorations and classic British outfits, with each person from the office donating to join in on the fun! To learn more about our Jubilee celebrations, click here. At this point after this fundraising event we had raised over £770 for Alzheimer’s Research UK!

Clarendon Jubilee Party for charity


On world chocolate day (7th July), we played a game in the office where there was a 50/50 chance that you would eat a nice chocolate or a bad tasting chocolate. They all looked the same so it was a fun guessing game which had all the staff laughing! Everyone who participated made a small donation to charity, it was great fun!

We also hosted a company quiz later on in July where everyone who took park donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK. This was a real test to see who has been paying attention to the company for all these years!


Throughout August and September we focused on fundraising for our Sales & Marketing manager, Gareth Hill, as he prepared to do a skydive for Alzheimer’s Research UK on 24th September! More details on this event can be found here, we managed to raise an outstanding £1635 from this skydive through donations, with £1301 going directly to funding life changing research! We are especially pleased that this fundraiser has been so successful because September is World Alzheimer’s Month, so to raise this amount of money and awareness makes us especially proud – well done Gareth!

Clarendon skydive for Alzheimer's Research UK


For October, Clarendon Homes had a Halloween dress up day! We celebrated Halloween by wearing fun costumes (for which Katie won best dressed!) and playing two rounds of Halloween bingo. It was great to see the creativity on show from our happy team, we hope you like our costumes!

Clarendon staff in Halloween costumes


It’s World Cup time! We have done an inhouse sweepstake for this year’s World Cup, where 25% of the total pot is going to Alzheimer’s Research UK. If you are doing a sweepstake with family or friends, donating a small percentage of the total pot to charity can go a long way! Good luck everyone ⚽

Later in November, we contributed a hamper to Harrietsham Primary School for their school fare, as a small gesture to help our local community.


Merry Christmas all! We have been doing some festive fundraising at Clarendon in December, including Christmas jumper day, Christmas bingo and pin the home on the plot – think pin the tail on the donkey, but Clarendon!

2022 fundraising total

We are incredibly happy to announce that we have raised a grand total of £2261.50 across 2022! Thank you to everyone who donated, you should all feel very proud to be contributing to this life-changing research ❤️

Total raised for Alzheimer's Research UK by Clarendon Homes in 2022, £2261.50

We have lots of fundraising planned for 2023, so sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out on our updates! To make your own contribution or to learn more, visit the Alzheimer’s Research UK website today.