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Clarendon’s Top Design And Décor Trends This Spring

31-03-2017 Blog

The clocks have gone forward and the evenings are getting lighter. With spring and Easter soon upon us, many people like to use this time to do a bit of re-decorating in their home as we leave winter behind us.

Here are some top trends we’ve noticed recently…

Copper and Rose Gold

2016 was a big year for metallic styles and this has evolved into an interest in the warmer tones of copper and rose gold. You may have noticed these colours popping up in rustically decorated restaurants and bars and they are a great alternative to the more industrial metals such as brass or steel.

Copper and rose gold tones compliment light greys, whites and pastels – especially the blues, pinks and yellows commonly associated with spring. Copper especially is showing up in home décor everywhere, from hanging lights, vases and photo frames to bed frames. It’s metallic shine and warm tones add a dynamic accent to almost any room.


Texture can be an important visual statement for a room. It adds an extra dimension and can make your home look like it’s come straight out of a classy magazine. Texture can be added with sofas, curtains, artwork or anywhere where you can use fabrics.

This spring why not try a faux fur rug in your living room, an oversized canvas print in your office or a velvet headboard in your bedroom. Make a bold impact by combining bright colours and intense textures like deep purple velvets and navy blue wallpaper. Or if you prefer a minimal approach, adding texture can stop a monochrome room from looking flat or sterile.

Faux Flowers 

We know nothing can beat freshly picked flowers, but a huge trend this spring is faux flowers. Not only do they look good but they are cheaper in the long run, and you never need feel the guilt of letting your beautiful bouquet of flowers die.

If you don’t have the budget for fresh flower expenditure then artificial is the way to go. Plus, you are free to swap and add to your bouquets whenever you want, letting you get more creative with your décor.

Silk flowers are the most expensive but benefit from their extremely lifelike appearance and feel. A slightly cheaper alternative is fabric flowers made from nylon and polyester, and the cheapest on the market is foam flowers. Although these don’t look as authentic, they do benefit from being rather durable.

Indoor Vines

A new way to bring nature into your home this spring is with indoor vines. These simple green plants add texture and colour in your rooms without saturating your interior with vibrant colours. They knock the trusty houseplants out of the way with their winding and pliable features that can be bent and placed onto any surface.

Turn them into brilliant dining room centrepieces to impress your friends and family this Easter, or if you’re looking for a more minimal impact then small vines in pots dotted around the house on shelves and counters work interior wonders. Vines can be a creative way to decorate your walls, and it’s becoming more popular to drape them over empty wall space or intertwined with shelves and banisters.

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