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Feng Shui – Your Space

12-09-2016 Blog

Buying your Clarendon Home is the first step to a blissful new living experience, but have you considered the energy of your home to ensure a tranquil and peaceful life there?

Feng Shui, the Chinese art of arranging the living space to allow chi (spiritual energy) to flow, means ‘wind and water’ and encourages environments to be decorated in ways that increase harmony, health and happiness. Even if this philosophy is not for you, the principles ensure a lovely, calming space is created which can be enjoyed for the aesthetics alone.


The bedroom is the place we undoubtedly spend the most time in and so here are some pointers to ensure it is a place of both serenity and passion!

  1. To create a cosy space, use rich earthy tones such as copper, coral, cream, peach and tan. Soft natural colours are calming and healing if this is for you, choose muted blues, lavenders and mint.
  2. Colours, which increase passion, such as pinks, pomegranate and burgundy, should be used as accents in the room; think throws and candles.
  3. Position your bed in the opposite corner of your bedroom door to create a feeling of safety and relaxation, if you can’t do this, keep the bed as far away from the door as possible but where you can still see it.
  4. Try not to put your bed under a window, which can lead to restless sleep as energy flows in and out of the window.
  5. Limit clutter of your bedside table and place things that inspire you there. In fact the less clutter the better! In Feng Shui clutter represents unfinished business and halts progress in life – even if shoved under the bed or in the wardrobe – just clear it out!
  6. Ensure symmetry in your room to enhance your ‘couples’ energy’ keep accessories in pairs and have lamps and bedside tables on BOTH sides of the room.
  7. Who doesn’t love a super king-sized bed to spread out in? Well, sadly in Feng Shui this can be thought to create a symbolic divide between you and your other half! Stay snuggled!
  8. Appeal to all your senses – things you love to smell, feel, hear and see should be in your room and texture creates a pleasing look to the room – think soothing diffusers, cashmere throws and relaxing music.