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How To Give Character To A New Home

18-11-2016 Blog

Adding character to a new home can seem daunting and sometimes puts buyers off from seriously considering new builds. At Clarendon, we’ve seen people do it in a number of different ways, and here we’ve compiled some of our top tips.

Not Everything Has to Match

It’s a common misconception that everything you add to your home should meet a certain form or style. In reality, some of what we perceive as ‘charm’ or ‘character’ comes from the fact that in an older home different decorative elements have been added over time, from varying sources, eras and styles. This is worth bearing in mind from the beginning.

However, that’s not to say you can just pick up anything from anywhere and call it ‘charming’. You should consider carefully the architectural feel of your home and determine an overall theme for decoration, which still gives you plenty of room to inject personality.


Curtain Call

Window framing is a vital aspect of adding character to a new home. Everything from the fabric, colour, and the height of the curtain rods can make a difference.

Place your curtain rods high and close to the ceiling to make your rooms feel taller, and use heavy deep coloured drapes to add a luxurious, warm feel. Alternatively, sheer silk curtains in lighter colours give a more modern, minimalistic atmosphere.

Feature Walls


Wallpaper with patterns, pictures or a print design is a great way to add a bit of personality to your new home. Try picking out a feature wall and bring it to life with some interesting wallpaper. It can make a world of difference.

Another thing to try is vinyl ‘wall words’. Some of your favourite lyrics, or a meaningful quote, can instantly add a bit more ‘you’ to a room.

An obvious one is also good quality shelving, filled with your favourite books, magazines, CDs, vinyl or board games.

Don’t Forget the Garden

People who’ve bought a Clarendon home have found that easy ways to add character to their garden include adding features such as birdbaths, tree benches, arches and arbours. It’s also worth decorating pathway edges with small rocks, stones or flora to draw the eye.

Clearly, there’s a lot more we can say on this subject but we hope these tips will give you a good idea of just how easy it can be to add character to a new home and inject a bit of ‘you’ into it. In fact, it’s often easier starting with a blank canvas than replacing someone else’s work.

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