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How moving to Kent can improve your standard of living

04-03-2020 Blog

The long term benefits of changing your environment can have a huge impact on your standard of living, and moving to the right new home in the right place may just help you become a more positive individual and lead a happier, more fruitful life.

Moving home can often be perceived as a testing time. However, the long term benefits of changing your environment can have a huge impact on your standard of living, and moving to the right new home may just help you become a more positive individual and lead a happier, more fruitful life.

A recent study by Yopa revealed 75% of people living in cities said they would jump at the chance of moving to the countryside. Let’s explore how moving home, especially to developments in Kent, can be beneficial and turn your dreams into a reality.

We’ve explained some of the reasons we choose to build our bespoke homes in Kent previously, referencing the local history, entertainment and connectivity, however one of the most impactful factors on standard of living has to be the environment.

Escape to the Country:

Moving to greener counties literally (and figuratively) provides a “breath of fresh air”. As you move even slightly further away from major cities and urbanisations, the air becomes cleaner thanks to a reduction in pollution sources and an abundance of natural greenery.

The cleaner air found in our countryside locations such as Headcorn, Weavering and Harrietsham brings with it improved respiratory health and leads to a reduced risk of illnesses and heart diseases traditionally caused by polluted city air. When living in some of our development locations, you’ll be surrounded by nature as soon as you step out of your front door. Spending time in nature has been shown to boost the immune system, increasing vitality, reducing stress and improving your mood. In addition, living so close to some of the UK’s finest nature spots provides ample opportunity to contribute to better physical and mental wellbeing through outdoor activities. Several of our developments are within close proximity to Mote Park and Leeds Castle which offer picturesque walking routes.

Properties in the county also tend to feature fantastic outdoor extensions to the property’s living space. Peaceful gardens and green space surrounding our developments make al-fresco living a real possibility.

Take it Easy:

Town and city centre living often demands you to be “switched-on” and on your toes at all times. More people means more noise, hubbub, distractions and causes of stimulation. Cities are often a continual assault on the senses, where the work-life lines are continually blurred and there’s little escapism or opportunity to switch off. Studies have shown how, according to the research, as much as 20% of people who live in a city admit to being “constantly stressed”. Living in smaller towns, villages and hamlets offers an opportunity to leave the claustrophobic and sun-blocking effect of highrise buildings and offices behind, and the opportunity to remove some of the stress-inducing sensory and mental stimuli.

Moving home to a new environment and changing your surroundings can lead to fundamental changes in your lifestyle and a genuine gear shift. Essentially, having fewer things and people to be distracted by can help you reduce stress on a daily basis which can, in turn, help promote a more positive health outlook.

Skyscrapers and city living reduce exposure to natural light


Kent has traditionally been seen as a fantastic place to raise children, not just for the open-air lifestyle, but particularly when it comes to education. Around 92% of primaries were recently rated by Ofsted as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ compared to 87% nationally and 90% for the south east. In the secondary sector, 86% were rated ‘good’ or better – the same as the regional average but higher than the national average of 76%.

Our developments are in close proximity to Maidstone, Invicta and Oakwood Park Grammar Schools, as well as a range of well-rated independents and academies such as Cranbrook School, Sutton Valence School and Cornwallis Academy.

These schools also experience the countryside lifestyle benefits we mentioned earlier, with many schools having ample outdoor space for sports/PE and other activities. Some schools are dedicated ‘forest schools’, meaning outdoor activities form a vital role in their curriculum.

High education standards of Kent schools


With land availability scarce and pricing high in London and other towns and cities, you will be amazed by how much more spacious a new home will be in Kent. Featuring enough space for a sizeable but manageable countryside garden, an outdoor workshop, play space for the kids, or al-fresco entertainment space – homes built in this home county offer better standard of living and value for money when it comes to space.

All things considered, when you decide to relocate to one of Kent’s fabulous towns and villages, you will have more ‘room to breathe’ and your family will have the space needed to live more happily.


Living in a more rural area, such as Kent, brings about the opportunity to be a part of a smaller community – people in the countryside are widely regarded as kind and friendly to each other, supportive and helpful in times of need – In moving to one of our locations, you and your wider family will live in a safer and friendlier environment.

Our development in Headcorn, for example, is in a village with a vibrant community spirit, in fact they even have their own Twitter account, featuring the local Scout Group activities, the Judo Club, and a recent post showing the first beautiful crocus of the year in the Church grounds.

The feeling of community is important, and actually a primal instinct which we all desire. Moving to Headcorn, Harrietsham or Maidstone will all bring opportunities to become part of a new community.

Take the next step towards a new standard of living…

Not only do our locations bring a higher standard of living, but choosing a new, bespoke home from Clarendon Homes brings with it inherent benefits, and removes some of the woes you may be experiencing in your current property. No matter what the development we always use the very best materials and work with some amazing suppliers including Alon Interiors, Premier Bathrooms and Porcelanosa to ensure that every home is stylish, classy and energy efficient.

We use the latest modern fixtures and fittings including underfloor heating and some of our properties also feature integrated technology such as Home Automation Control for lighting, audio, and heating to enable remote control of each home. It’s our attention to detail and diligence in using the best suppliers and partners that means you can be completely assured of the quality of a Clarendon home and, ultimately, enhance your standard of living.

Take a look around our stunning new developments – they might just be the right next step on your journey to a higher standard of living.