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How To Keep Your Home Secure While On Holiday

15-08-2017 Blog

It’s holiday season for many of us, and while you’re relaxing on the beach or exploring historic cities, the last thing you should be worrying about is how safe your property is back home. You can be rest assured that we’ve done all we can to make our homes as secure as possible, including high tech locks and handy home automation technology.

Control your home from beside the pool

We install ABB home automation in many of our homes which not only makes controlling your lighting easy, but acts as an additional safety tool. No longer do you have to dig out your old plug-in timer, as you can control your lights via the ABB app while you are away, the ability to turn lights on and off sporadically giving the impression your home is occupied. These systems also work wonders during winter holidays; by controlling your heating straight from the app there’s no risk of your pipes freezing. Plus, you can turn the heating up just before you get back to ensure your home is warm and cosy for your return.

Our locks will keep your home safe and secure

Our doors and windows use a multi-point shoot bolt locking mechanism that keeps your home secure. These locks have a number of points along the inside of the door or window making them more secure than regular single point locks. It is still important to remember to ensure all windows and doors are closed and secured, and to hide the keys away from all windows out of sight. If you can, leave a spare set with a neighbour or a friend so they can access the house incase of an emergency.

Extra tips and tricks

It’s a good idea to mow the lawn before you leave, or if you’ve got a good relationship; ask the neighbours to attend the garden to make your home look even more lived in. You should leave curtains or blinds open, and cancel any deliveries that might pile up outside your door – these are huge attention grabbers for potential burglars. Another little tip is to turn everything off at the socket except the fridge/freezer and automated lights, as not only does it save a bit of money on your utility bills but it reduces the risk of fires.

With the combination of home automation technology, secure design and some preparation, you can enjoy your holiday knowing that your Clarendon home is safe and secure waiting for your return.

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