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Meet the Team: Directors Edition

14-09-2021 Blog, The Team

Clarendon Homes has evolved and expanded greatly since being formed over 20 years ago. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to some of our office departments, to give an insight into the company from the staff’s perspective, exploring our team culture, favourite developments and more! This week we introduce one of the Directors…

Steve, Director

With a background in construction, Steve founded the company in 1999 with Kenny, his Co-Director. He has watched the company grow over the years, as we have built a wide variety of developments, and have a constantly expanding team.

What inspired you to start the business?

Seeing a niche in the market to provide a more bespoke home for house buyers.

What is your favourite thing about running Clarendon Homes?

Taking sites from conception to providing people with their new home!

What has been your proudest moment as Director of Clarendon Homes?

Having existing purchasers buy from us for a second, or sometimes a third time!

What has changed since you founded Clarendon?

We have an increasingly expanding professional team joining the company. We also utilise more technology now; not only in the office but on site as well.

Which is your favourite past development of ours and why?

Milton Grove, as it was our first larger development which we took from conception to completion.

Kitchen diner at Milton grove development.
Milton Grove kitchen-diner

Which development are you looking forward to in the near future and why?

Allington, as it’s large scale will take the company onto another level of development.

How has the company adapted to working during the pandemic? How have you found it?

I think we were ahead of most other businesses in bringing in new COVID safe working methods. I have been very impressed as to the way our staff have adapted to these. I think it has been tough for everyone but we have done well.

Describe/sum up Clarendon in 3 words

Quality House Builders.

What do you think makes people choose to buy a Clarendon property?

Attention to detail and our adaptability in helping dealing with customer requirements.

What would you say is a key selling point of Clarendon properties?

Efficient homes finished to high standards in fully landscaped settings.

What’s your favourite Clarendon memory?

Our 20th Anniversary river cruise!

If you want to learn more about Clarendon and how we have grown, visit ‘The Clarendon Story’.