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Prepping your Garden for a Summer of Fun

24-05-2018 Blog

Now that the sun is shining and everyone’s venturing outside after a long, chilly winter, it’s time to make sure that your home’s outdoor space is looking just as stylish as the inside. Whether your garden is freshly landscaped and needing a bit of personality or is starting to overgrow and needs a tidy up, we’ve got plenty of tips to help get it in summer shape.

First of all, you want to make sure everything growing is looking bright and healthy. Spring and early summer are the perfect times of year to make sure that you are feeding your lawn regularly, as well as watering, especially if there’s not much rain. If you’ve let your lawn get a little patchy, this will rectify it. If you have moss patches in you lawn, get rid of them by spraying them with moss killer and then removing the dead weeds. Sow new grass seed in the patchier areas to help grow the grass out more evenly.

Next, ensure your garden is looking neat and tidy. Cut back any shrubbery that is growing out of shape, and perhaps consider edging your lawn. Pebbles and flowerbeds act as really good edging for you grass, not only keeping it looking crisp but also adding a simple and unfussy element of decoration to the space. If you have a patio area, grab a pressure washer and blast away the mildew that will have built up over the winter months. Similarly, if you have wood or deck outside, a pressure wash and scrub will get rid of all the adverse effects of the colder weather conditions, and giving it a fresh lick of paint or stain will ensure it looks fresh.

To really freshen your garden up for summer, you need to add some colour. Whether in flowerbeds, pots or even hanging baskets, nothing says summertime like flashes of purples, yellows, pinks and blues throughout the green shrubbery of your garden. Make sure that you do some research as to what plants will do well where, and how big they will grow – you don’t want one of your new carefully placed shrubs eventually overtaking the rest! Talking of planting new shrubbery, now is the time to plan ahead – do you have any empty looking spaces? A fence you want to cover up? Plant some bushes or climbers now and come summer, this could be shrouded in greenery.

Grab some garden furniture if you haven’t already – with anything from DIY picnic tables and deckchairs to spacious sofas and fancy outdoor dining tables, there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets. Great patio furniture brings both comfort and function to your outdoor space, making it all the more inviting to spend time in.

Consider whether you will need a canopy of some sort in your space, whether to provide shade on the warmer summer days, or (more realistically) give shelter from the rain when the weather isn’t as pleasant. The addition of a gazebo can add a great structural feature to your garden, and adding a cover on top will make it weather proof, perfect for when you need protection from the elements!

Finally, it’s down to the decoration. Solar lights make perfect sense in summer as they get a long charge most days, saving you on electricity while also providing you with automatic lighting that will flicker on as you’re enjoying your summer evenings. Plus, embrace the fun of summer with some quirky décor, such as garlands, bunting, fairy lights and wall art, which can be scattered throughout trees and flowerbeds and along walls and fences. Throw in a bird feeder for an added bit of decoration, and be treated to some winged guests in your newly renovated garden.

Whether you simply need to add a few more plants and decorations or your garden needs a complete style overhaul, now is the perfect time to get things done in order to enjoy it come the summer months. Or are you perhaps looking for a new home with a spacious, freshly landscaped garden to make your own? All of our Clarendon properties feature private gardens with bespoke landscaping, which are just waiting for new homeowners to make their mark.

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