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Summer Décor Trends

27-06-2018 Blog

With the change of the seasons comes longer and lighter days, much more greenery and a lovely summer atmosphere; all factors which may tempt you into a summer re-vamp of your interior décor. Throw open the curtains and get rid of pieces that are dark and gloomy, storing away clutter until it’s time to cosy up for Autumn. Whether you’re completely redecorating or looking for a quick and simple spruce up, there are plenty of ways to make sure your home is summer ready.

Bold Colour

Summer brings brighter and bolder colours to all aspects of life, whether it be fashion, food or design; and home décor is no exception. Not only are wall colour choices getting more adventurous with purples, green and navy all key colours throughout 2018, but furniture itself is now often found in bolder colour options such as dusky pinks and mustard yellow.

large bedroom

Ice cream shades – pistachio greens, bubble-gum blues and strawberry pinks – are another great option for summer décor, contrasting nicely without being overwhelmingly bright. The use of these colours works best when used in accent pieces against a neutral backdrop of white, cream or black, adding a summery pop of colour.

stylish living room

Dark Wood Furniture

Dark wood furniture items are also coming back into fashion, replacing the paler woods made popular by recent Scandi trends with a more glamorous vibe. Paired with the ever-popular metallic accents, with brass tones now beating out the copper and rose-gold seen in recent trends, high-street furniture pieces can be given a much more sophisticated feel.

close up on table decoration

Dark wood also pairs well with increasingly popular travel inspired décor, featuring highly patterned prints, terracotta and clay colour schemes, and houseplants – all bringing a natural, raw feeling to the interior design. Similarly, use of Artisan textures such as wicker and macramé will be big this summer, with combinations of different textures including marble and metal adding a relaxed and playful feel to your space.


This will also fit in perfectly with the new trend of ‘Wabi-Sabi’, which having taken over from the recent ‘Hygge’ trend, focuses on finding beauty in imperfection. Whether this be mismatch furniture, homemade décor or perhaps even leaving your bed more crumpled than perfectly plumped (over-sleepers, rejoice), this trend is all about appreciating what you have and making your home feel more ‘homely’.

Prints and Patterns

If you’re looking for something brighter, last year’s trend of tropical prints is showing no signs of going anywhere – showing up in wall art, on bedding, and even on tableware. The energising greens look great alongside both bright whites and the on-trend colours of charcoal, navy and gold. In addition to this, real-life plants are being used indoors more and more, reconnecting indoor spaces to nature, while giving the illusion of bigger living spaces to enjoy.

While traditionally used in real wood flooring, Herringbone patterns are set to be big this summer, ranging from wallpaper to art prints and even window covers, appearing in brightly coloured and monochrome colour schemes. Marble patterns are more popular than ever, with rising searches for green marble, reflecting the popularity of the colour this season. The effect can be found on various home accessories, whether it be bedding, wallpaper, lamps or even kitchen fittings, and gives a trendy, textured vibe while keeping the colours natural.

Of course, when you’re craving an interior overhaul, there’s no better starting point than the blank canvas of a brand-new home. If you’re thinking of moving to a new house there’s no better time to do it, with a wide range of stunning and spacious Clarendon properties currently available to purchase. View our current developments or contact us to find out more.