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House Hunting tips for Elderly Relatives

24-09-2021 Blog

When house searching for older loved ones, there are many considerations to be aware of. In this blog we highlight some key factors to discuss before you start house hunting.

CGI of a new build bungalow at our Churchfields development.

Consider property types

As people get older they can face mobility issues and become less confident about facing stairs each day. Therefore, when choosing a home for a loved one it is important to consider both their needs now and for the future. Bungalows may be a good option as the owner can enjoy the whole space with more ease.

Consider access

Staying active and social is crucial as you get older, so considering potential barriers for entry and exit is key. A ramp may be very important if a wheelchair is needed or if your loved one’s mobility is an issue. This will allow them to leave and enter the house whenever they want. New build properties have to provide at least one entrance with level access meaning no ramp is required.

Bathroom Considerations

Walk-in showers

At some point the hassle of getting in and out of a bath may prove too much. A walk-in shower provides a solution for this issue. By removing the step into the shower, it makes it lots easier to navigate making it safer for the elderly.

Shower rooms are an alternative with waterproof flooring and walls. This partnered with non-slip flooring makes for an easy shower space which is very hazard free.

A shower seat is another option and when paired with grab rails allows for a seated showering experience which doesn’t require support.

At our Cobnut Park development we are installing walk-in wet room showers as standard to give easy access to the shower.

Master ensuite at Milton Grove development
Walk-in shower at Milton Grove

Consulting mobility specialists

Before any decisions are made, it is worth getting professional advice as to what is needed in your home. They will advise on what is needed to make the bathroom most appropriate to help make life easier.


Although nobody wants to talk about it, finances need to be thoroughly addressed before any decisions are made. For some families having elderly relatives move into the home can be the better option however you do need to consider how the home may need to be adapted to fit their needs and the cost of this, especially if care support is required when other household members work.

For others, it may be more economically viable for them to move into a type of assisted living so that they have a property tailored to their needs, with support available to them, while also retaining their independence. Take a look at our Cobnut Park assisted living development to see if it may be suitable.

If you consider these points and take time to discuss it with your loved ones, It will help you to make the best choices for you and them!

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