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Top Tips to Make your New Home Feel Festive

14-12-2016 Blog

We look into how you can decorate your new home for Christmas. Delving into the minimalist yet classy approach and exploring the world of decorations for the Christmas-mad.

It’s that time of year yet again! In this blog we’ve put together a few ideas to help get your new home ready for the Christmas season. We explore two styles – Christmas galore, and sophisticated Winter Wonderland.

Christmas Galore

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When it comes to Christmas you might be one of those people who says to themselves ‘why hold back?’ and goes all out with colours and sparkles. If that’s you, here are some thoughts…

Decorating starts at the front door so try wrapping the entire door like a giant present to make a statement. Or alternatively, go for a traditional wreath but up the ante by filling it with Christmas goodies almost bursting out – mini presents, candy canes, tiny reindeer… you get the idea!

The stair bannister is a great place to add to the atmosphere. Rather than trailing greenery, why not go for enormous paper pompoms?

If you’ve got the time and inclination, why not theme each room. The living room becomes Santa’s grotto, the dining room becomes winter wonderland. Get creative!

Thinking about buying a Christmas tree? Think bigger. One’s not enough, surely – six is more like it. Experiment with different sizes and decorative themes to catch the eye.

Don’t forget light fittings which are the perfect place to dangle ornaments, mobiles or baubles.

Finally, anywhere that looks a bit sparse could almost certainly be improved with the addition of fairy lights. But make sure you turn them off when you’re out of the house or you’ll be in for a nasty New Year surprise in the form of a bumper electricity bill.

Sophisticated Winter Wonderland

You may be someone who prefers a slightly more minimalist Christmas look. Read on for tips to transform your home into a cosy, relaxed Christmas paradise.

For an elegant wreath, all you need is a bit of wire wrapped in twine, with a hint of greenery so it doesn’t feel stark. The perfect understated addition to your front door.

Hints of mistletoe can provide a subtly festive feel inside the home without being overwhelming. You could also add little touches of Christmas to the fireplace, dining tables or shelving with hints of green and red. Simple wreaths hanging from chairs can also make all the difference.

If you haven’t the space or don’t want the hassle of a large Christmas tree, a small tree or a selection of small trees is a great alternative. Place them in unused corners, under stairs, or even on top of a table.

Fairy lights can easily be overdone but used well, are really effective. Try wrapping them around objects or placing them inside jars or lanterns. And for the walls, look for decorations made of wood or glass rather than paper or bright plastics.

Overall, it’s worth sticking to a particular style or colour palette. If colours are too bright or clashing, you’ll lose the stripped-back feel. White is a good go-to option as it is Chritmassy yet classy. Supplement it with a touch of red and green and you will have the perfect Christmas retreat.

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