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Walking in Bearsted – The Ultimate Guide

21-09-2023 Blog

As Autumn creeps closer, there’s no better way to enjoy the turn of the season than with a walk through nature. With our Forge Mews development located in the idyllic village of Bearsted, we have compiled a short list of our favourite walking locations in, and around, the area.

Bearsted Woodland Trust

Bearsted Woodland Trust is a well-loved park and nature reserve situated in the heart of the village and spanning 26 acres of protected woodland and meadow. Registered as a charity, the Trust has been active for 19 years of community led conservation. Involved with the local infant school, students have even planted trees in the woodland. The area has touches of local residents in every development.

With land deeds dating back to the fifteenth century, this established woodland promotes the perfect escape to native wildlife. With a children’s playground, open fields, and winding woodland paths, it boasts the perfect location for a walk, or even run. Merely half a mile from our new Forge Mews development, Bearsted Woodland Trust is a hub of community effort and beautiful footpaths, a perfect location to walk your dog, or simply enjoy the outdoors.

Entrance to a local woodland park in Bearsted
Entrance to Bearsted Woodland Trust

Mote Park

Voted into the top 3 of the ‘people’s choice’ of parks in the Green Flag Parks competition, Mote Park sprawls over 450 acres of grassland, woodland, and river, including 30 acres alone for its lake. With history dating back to the Roman times, the park is well established in both the community and the county. The park itself holds a recently renovated café, large children’s playground, and even a Watersports Centre. Large sprawling grasslands make Mote Park a popular destination for dog walkers and families from both the local community, and further afield.

The park even hosts festivals, with big names like Madonna and Adele having performed there in the past. The most current event being ‘Soultasia’ which has limited tickets remaining. Located in Maidstone, the park is only a 12-minute drive from Bearsted Village Green. The wide expanse of green is perfect for a day out walking, or socialising.

Swan Pedal Boats

Hucking Estate

Ten minutes in the opposite direction of Mote Park is the Hook & Hatchet pub; a popular walker’s haunt located next to Hucking Estate, an area that boasts nearly 600 acres of park and woodland. With popular routes available to pick up at the inn, a range of paths are available to the public. Circular routes and longer, more rambling trails, are among those available. Overlooking Bearsted village, the Estate is part of the Kent Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The woodland itself features natural architecture from the Jutes, and ancient grazing land. As part of the Woodland Trust the area is protected and conserved. Much like the BWT, Hucking Estate is known for its display of bluebells that carpet the woodland. Since 1997, nearly 180,000 native trees have been planted across the sprawling estate. With parking available at the Hook & Hatchet pub, and through the Woodland Trust, this ancient woodland is accessible to all. Hucking Estate provides a beautiful backdrop for a dog walk, or to just to marvel in nature.


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