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5 MORE reasons we build homes in Kent

29-01-2021 Blog

Back in February 2020, we wrote an article detailing some of the great reasons why we build our stunning new homes in Kent. As we are coming up on a year since that piece was published, we saw it fitting to give 5 more reasons why Kent is such an idyllic place for us to build and for you to live. If you have not read our previous article on why we build in Kent, we highly recommend reading it first, as this covers five other key reasons for why we choose to build in Kent, such as transport links, the history and modernisation of Kent, and the numerous beaches along 355 miles of Kent coastline! Nevertheless, here are five MORE reasons why we believe our homes are best placed in Kent.

A Clarendon Homes new build in Kent

1. Leisure Activities

One of the key reasons we are located in Kent is simply because of all the things to do! In Kent there are activities all over the county which cater for all ages. Unfortunately at the time of writing many of these activities have been limited due to COVID-19, but once these restrictions have been lifted there is plenty to look forward to.

Standout places to visit for those looking to see local attractions include Leeds Castle, The White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury Cathedral, which are rich in history and culture. If you are a parent and your kids may not appreciate history and natural beauty as much as you yet, there are also several fun activities for them too, whether it be go-karting at Buckmore Park or going to one of several leisure centres in the county.

There are also many hotspots for entertainment and retail therapy, most notably the UK’s 5th biggest shopping centre, Bluewater. For the party goers among us, Kent is the host to a variety of festivals across all seasons at popular Kent spaces such as Mote Park and The Hop Farm. And for those who like to venture outside the box, you can drive from Kent to France in under an hour thanks to the Eurotunnel!

As well as several standout attractions, the beauty of Kent is that there are many walking routes for you to discover because of the vast green space.

2. Jobs

London is the capital of England, both geographically and economically. Although despite the abundance of high paid jobs and opportunities in the busiest hotspot of the UK, many people dislike the idea of living there, particularly in the centre. This is usually due to high living prices, stress and the lack of green space. This is where Kent comes into the picture.

Kent, with its great transport links to the capital, offers an easily commutable home for city workers, allowing you to pursue a career in London without being forced to live there. This in turn negates the previously mentioned cons of living in London, while still being able to access the huge amount of pros that London brings through commuting! There is more about Kent’s vast transport links in the previous blog, which you can read about here.

London Underground symbol

It’s not just about London though. Kent is home to several large employers, such as BAE Systems and Saga Group, so there are opportunities around every corner.

Additionally, remember when we said you can go to France for a bit of leisure time with Kent’s links to France via the Eurostar? This also (at a push) enables you to work in France while still maintaining a reasonable commute!

In all, Kent is a strong choice for professionals in any industry.

3. Education

A great selection of schools is a key pull factor to any location for families, and Kent is right up there with the best in the UK. Kent boasts some of the best schools in the country for all ages, both private and state. This includes numerous schools which achieved a rating of Outstanding from recognised UK school inspector Ofsted, including but not exclusive to Roseacre Junior School, Cranbrook School, and Invicta Grammar School.

As well as schools, Kent also offers many opportunities for those who want to enter further education. A great example of this is one of the UK’s most elite universities, The University of Kent, which boasts a score of 80% in Student Satisfaction and stands at an impressive 47th in the university league table for all of the UK.

Clarendon Homes provide a plethora of new homes for families which are near fantastic schools, as we understand the importance of your children’s education.

Teacher in front of blackboard

4. Weather

Although this will not necessarily be at the top of anyone’s priority list, it is still a nice factor of living in Kent. Kent enjoys some of the best of Britain’s weather, with above average temperatures and a greater than average number of sunny days.

The great weather in Kent bolsters its reputation for being the idyllic ‘Garden of England’. It allows for peace and tranquillity which blends nicely with all the green space that the local areas have to offer, especially when compared to London.

A sunny day in Kent woodlands

5. Nature Reserves

Within Kent there are several beautiful nature reserves. These reserves are free to visit for all, the most popular of which include the Romney Marsh Visitor Centre, Hothfield Heathlands and Sandwich and Pegwell Bay. Visiting these reserves is a wonderful experience, as you get to see nature in its purest form. Birdwatching, stunning views and wildflowers are just some of the aspects of a family day out to a Kent nature reserve.

Kent is also home to Kent Wildlife Trust, a fantastic charity which focuses on protecting endangered wildlife and preserving wild spaces.

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