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Meet the Team: Customer Care & Service Department

12-04-2023 Blog, The Team

Clarendon Homes has evolved and expanded greatly since being formed in 1999. In this Meet the Team series, we interview our hard working staff to give you an insight into our company, team culture, and how we provide our customers with quality homes. This article focuses on our aftersales department…

The Team

Chris Hook and Krzysztof Stube of Clarendon Homes
Chris and Krzysztof

Chris, Customer Service Manager

Chris joined Clarendon Homes in June 2022 and has flourished in his role. He plays an important part in the customer journey, as he works to ensure a smooth transition for our customers moving into their new home and he is their point of contact after completion.

Chris has accumulated experience from multiple customer-facing roles, including work as an estate agent, retail manager, 999 call operator, and a customer service advisor. He has specialised in the housing/construction industry since 2016. Chris is a one-in-a-million character who brings joy to anyone he talks to.

Krzysztof, Customer Service

Krzysztof has been working with us for 5 years since moving away from agricultural work. He works closely with our customers, attending to their yearly inspection as well as any other issues that may arise. Whenever you see him he always seems to have a beaming smile on his face.

What is your favourite thing about working at Clarendon Homes?

Chris: The opportunity to work with such a skilled and dedicated team, with the knowledge that our customers will be taking ownership of a high quality, well built home.

Krzysztof: Working with clients is always enjoyable and motivates me throughout the day.

Which is your favourite past development of ours and why?

Chris: I have a soft spot for Cobnut Park at Boughton Monchelsea, where we have constructed some much needed bungalows. It has created a great community feel, set in a lovely yet secluded location.

Krzysztof: Weavers Park, in Headcorn. The people there are very friendly.

Garden view from Kitchen at Weavers park.
Weavers Park – Plot 14 Kitchen

What developments are you looking forward to in the near future and why?

Chris: Miller’s Meadow in Sandhurst. I like the fact there are different types of properties to choose, from bungalows to big 4-bedroom houses. It makes my job more interesting to provide service to different types of families!

Krzysztof: Any development, I like a challenge!

Millers meadow street scene.
Miller’s Meadow Street View CGI

How has the company improved in the time you have been here?

Chris: Since I joined the Clarendon team in May 2022, Clarendon have made several improvements, including introducing a new software system which will improve all aspects of the business, with a particular emphasis on customer service. The redesign of our website has also been a huge improvement – and not to forget raising over £3,000 for Alzheimer’s Research UK – wonderful!

Krzysztof: We are building more and more houses at improved standards.

Describe/sum up Clarendon in 3 words

Chris: Local, people, care. Local as we know the area, our customers, our properties. People as we are nothing without our great staff and equally great customers, and care…because we do ????

Krzysztof: Nice future homes.

What do you think makes people choose to buy a Clarendon property?

Chris: I certainly believe that our locations play a huge part. When combined with our unique designs, quality materials and competitive prices – it’s an irresistible combination.

Krzysztof: Our high-quality standards and excellent service.

What would you say is a key selling point of Clarendon properties?

Chris: In one word… quality. Quality of the design, the materials, the construction, the service.

Krzysztof: The after-sales service once the purchase is complete.

What is your favourite part of working with customers?

Chris: Even after 30 years of working in customer facing roles, every customer is like your first, bringing new questions, different challenges, unexpected surprises, and my aim is always to ensure they receive the best customer service possible. As cliched as it may sound, I will never tire of being part of a customer’s journey to their new home – the excitement, the smiles – and doing my best to reduce any of the stress or worry where I can ????

Krzysztof: Listening to exactly how our customers want everything and doing that to the best of my ability.

Chris and Krzysztof outside the Clarendon Homes office

If you want to learn more about Clarendon and how we have grown, visit ‘The Clarendon Story’.